In 2016, we launched Black Hawk’s Real Food Movement for Dogs, a campaign that encouraged dog owners to feed quality food made from real ingredients. This saw the brand rise from No. 5 to No.2 in the premium pet food space. But Black Hawk wanted more, to continue the real food movement and hit the industry-leading No.1.

So, we set out to tackle the biggest health issue facing Australian dogs; obesity.

Our insight work revealed we are killing our dogs with kindness, data from the Australian Veterinary Association showed that 41% of Australian dogs are overweight or obese, yet only 17% of owners acknowledge it. And when that data showed that 1 kilogram on a dog equates to 10 kilograms on a human, we knew it all added up to one big problem.

DogCheck is a world-first data visualisation tool that allows owners to imagine how their dogs would look as a human and, therefore, see if they were a healthy size.