Kostia Liakhov


I never stop working on personal projects - this is my way of learning new skills, exploring new territories and challenging myself.

That's why each and every project is different. From 3D graphics to chatbots. Game design to kids books. Coding to short movies. Personal projects let me learn and work with the most amazing people in and out of the industry. 

I’ve always got an idea baking, but here some of my work fresh from the oven.


Pocket advertising world assistant for young creatives.


BAS was created to make the industry more accessible for younger creatives living in regional areas or those who don’t have the opportunity to go to ad school.

Copywriter: Samantha Cable
Art Director: Daniel Liakh

Really great

Animated poem

000_Really Great Cover - Updated.jpg

'Really Great' is short animation about love, loss and unusual habits we invent to deal with change. This piece shone a light on the unconscious bias and our attitudes towards mental illness. We challenge audiences to reflect on their life and how they handle the hearts of others.

Copywriter: Samantha Cable
Motion design: Vlad Tarziu

shadow's edge

Game Concept.


Shadow's Edge is a cross-dimensional puzzle game created to teach individuals the about power of light and angles. It involves a two-dimensional character called Spek. Join Speck and become an expert at casting shadows as he journeys through exciting levels of this educational, adventure game.

Copywriter: Rohan Fernandes